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Artisan environmentally friendly products just for you

It is my goal to offer you the highest quality artisan products I can find on the market. I offer popular photographic products such as gift prints, digital files, albums, wall art, and graduation announcements in a range of sizes and customizations.

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It is important to me that these products are environmentally friendly. The photography industry can be hard on the environment with the chemicals it uses to produce print products.

According to “Resin-coated or other papers with special coatings, probably account for the majority of papers currently in use (in the photography industry). The coating used for these papers tends to be plastics of petrochemical origin and therefore have a greater environmental impact.” suggests that photographers who wish to make the most environmentally friendly choice of photo papers, choose a paper made out of 100% cotton.

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This is why I chose a lab that offers 100% cotton Hahnemühle paper. (You can learn about Hahnemühle’s environmental practices here.)  Besides being environmentally friendly, this paper is also museum grade. Meaning that it is made in a way that is archival and will last for generations. Your prints will not yellow or fade.

My prints, canvases, and artisan album are all made with Hahnemühle paper. These have a luxurious hand to them and will last for generations. All of my products are printed in the US, and my artisan album is handmade just for you using old-world techniques.

Why print products? Why not just digitals?

I offer high-quality print products because I want you to have these images for generations to come. You have spent a lot of time, effort, and money choosing the right photographer and wardrobe; I think you should have a physical reminder of this time in your life.

My work in a history museum has given me first-hand knowledge of how technologies always change, and how things deteriorate over time. It also made me understand how precious photographic memories are to future generations.

When you only get a drive full of digital images, you may share them immediately with your friends via social media.  If that is all you do, you will no longer have access to your images if the website goes offline or the technology advances and you have forgotten to switch over your pictures to the new big thing. Many people also get digitals thinking they will print them out themselves, but forget; making it possible to lose the photos over time. Having archival prints now is your best bet of having these images for a lifetime.

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